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April 2015’s Turkey Shoot Hot Shots

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Fourth Annual MMSF Turkey Shoot League.  The final Turkey Shoot of the season was last Friday, April 3rd.  Congratulations to our Turkey Shoot Top Shots and Team Champions!


Turkey Shoot Champs: Sleepers


Turkey Shoot Champs: Jeff and Pam


Turkey Shoot Top Shot: Johnny McLaughlin


Paul Steve and Don at Turkey Shoot


Riders Helping Riders in 2014 – THANK YOU!


Because of YOU, we helped several local families of riders in need, honored those who passed, and helped in reducing accidents and injuries. See our web site for a listing of all past events this year, and photos from the events, that show how you helped make a meaningful impact in others’ lives. If you would like to make a year end donation, click here.

THANK YOU!  Bikers Helping Bikers / Riders Helping Riders!


Our Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivor’s Fund, Inc., will begin a ‘phasing out’ the MMSF and ‘phasing in’ of a revamped “Bikers Helping Bikers / Riders Helping Riders” organization. Starting next month, we’ll be interviewing those with an interest in serving in leadership roles, participating in training workshops in February, and designing by-laws and electing officers in March, in advance of the upcoming 2015 riding season.

Current co-founders, Jason Hallock and Paul W. Cote, having participated the past 15 years, will be ‘retiring’ upon the completed transition, along with several other current MMSF Board Members, who will remain available to help as needed.

If you have a passion helping others, send an e-mail with your name and phone number to and we’ll contact you with info for the February workshops.


Thursday, January 1st, 2015
15th annual Cold Ride and Lunch by the Xtreme Riders – 1:00 p.m. at the Westender in Marlboro
All event details are on the Facebook Event Page.

Friday, January 2nd, 2015
Turkey Shoot! Be one of the first TOP SHOTS of 2015 ! 7:00 p.m. registration upstairs at the Winner’s Circle, Route 110, Salisbury – Darts, Pool, and video guns.  All event details are on the 4th Annual Turkey Shoot Page.

Photos from 2014 Rally & 15th Annual Nelson’s Ride

Thanks for all your photos and videos!  We’re compiling them on the Bikers Helping Bikers Picasa page.  Keep sending them to, or posting them to the Bikers Helping Bikers Facebook page or the 2014 Weekend Rally & 15th Annual Nelson’s Ride Facebook page!

Thanks to Marie Hanabusa (as always!), as well as James Roy, Suzanne Uncapher, and Larry ‘Sundance’ Berk, Pamela Day, John Stankiewicz, Betsy Lister and New England Coffee for your photos!

UPDATE: Check out the Tri-Town Transcript’s photo gallery of Nelson’s Ride!

Thanks to all who attended the walk-through

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Topsfield Fairgrounds this past Saturday, April 19th, for a walk-through of the site for the 2014 Bikers Helping Bikers Weekend Rally and 15th Annual Nelson’s Ride on August 15th – August 17th, 2014.

All the photos from the walk-through can be on the MMSF Picasa page found here, thanks to Marie Hanabusa!

IMG_0861 IMG_0902 IMG_0934 IMG_0964