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Motorcycle Fatality Data for FY2014 and 2010-2014 (five year combined data)

Since year 2000, the MMSF / Bikers Helping Bikers leaders have had a seat at the MassDOT / RMV table, working with State Officials on programs aimed at reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities.  On July 15th, the Committee met and provided the following two presentations (Adobe PDF), based on the accident reconstruction reports and other data available for each registered motorcycle in Massachusetts.

Bikers Helping Bikers asks for your review and any ideas you might have to help reduce accidents and fatalities here in Massachusetts.  Write us at info@massmsf.org with your thoughts, ideas, questions.

Click here to read 2014 report/data (Adobe PDF)

Click to read the 2014 report/data.

SHSP July 2015 Target by Age_Page_01

Click to read the combined 2010-2014 report/data.

“By the Numbers” from the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles

Thanks to the MassDOT Registry of Motor Vehicles the following motorcycle data for Massachusetts is available in the attachment (PDF) below, and provides numerous, detailed charts showing historical motorcycle data through FY2014.  Click the “By The Numbers” image below, or here, to read/view more.


Data Collected through 12/31/2014:
2014 = 160,115 (up from 157,094 in 2013, down from high of 186,000 in 2010)
335,618 (28,228 or 8.4% under age 29; 99,196 or 29.5% ages 50-59
Basic Rider Education Course
7,402 enrolled;
Experienced Rider Ed Course
761 enrolled
2014 = 36 (down from 38 in 2013; 53 in 2012; 36 in 2011)
5-year average (2010-2014) = 40.8
3-year average (2012-2014) = 42.3