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February 2014’s Turkey Shoot Hot Shots

This February’s Turkey Shoot Hot Shots were “The Firecrackers” (with Pat McFarline, Valerie Marshall, Deanna Ouderkerken and Jan Sonia from the North Shore Women on Wheels).

The title of “Top Shot of the Night” goes to Deanna Ouderkerken (second from left). Congratulations to Deanna and to The Firecrackers!  More photos from the night’s festivities can be found here (thanks to Marie Hanabusa)!

Our final MMSF “Turkey Shoot” of the 2013-2014 season will take place on Friday, March 28th, 2014.   Find out more about the event, and join us!

Lots of fun at the Turkey Shoot last night

Photos of our ‘hot shots’ from last night’s March 2013 MMSF Turkey Shoot are here in the MMSF Picasa Gallery.  (Even more can be found on the MMSF Facebook page!)

A ‘tip of the beanie’ with BIG THANKS to Marie Hanabusa, who SCORED EVERYONE the past 6 months at our Turkey Shoots! (And photographed everyone, too!)