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December 2013 Turkey Shoot Champions

Thanks to all those who braved the post Christmas lethargy to join the December 2013 MMSF “Turkey Shoot” at The Winner’s Circle and Air Soft Special Ops in Salisbury, MA last Friday night.  The night’s esteemed winners are shown below, and there are even more pictures from the evening here (courtesy of Marie Hanabusa).

Our next MMSF “Turkey Shoot” of pool, darts, and pistols will be on January 31st, 2014.  You can find out more about the event, and buy your tickets now!


November’s Turkey Shoot Champions!

Thanks to all the participants in the November 2013 Turkey Shoot!  Below is a picture of the night’s sharp-shooting winners in Darts, Pool & Pistols!   More photos of the night are available here, thanks to Marie Hanabusa.

The next Turkey Shoot will be on Friday, December 27th.  You can buy your tickets for the next Turkey Shoot here.

The season-long 2014 Survivor’s Fund Raffle also kicked off last night at the Turkey Shoot, and the winner will be drawn at the 15th Annual Nelson’s Ride on August 17th, 2014!  You can buy your raffle tickets online here, and be entered to win an estimated $2,000 grand prize!



October’s Turkey Shoot Champions!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first installment of the MMSF Turkey Shoot League last Friday, October 25th.  Congratulations to the winners of the Darts, Pool & Pistols ‘Triathlon’!  Thanks to Marie Hanabusa, you can check out a photo gallery of all the night’s activities!

The next Turkey Shoot will be on Friday, November 29th.  You can buy your tickets (or a season pass to all the Turkey Shoots) online here.

October 2013 Turkey Shoot Winners!

October 2013 Turkey Shoot Winners!

Lots of fun at the Turkey Shoot last night

Photos of our ‘hot shots’ from last night’s March 2013 MMSF Turkey Shoot are here in the MMSF Picasa Gallery.  (Even more can be found on the MMSF Facebook page!)

A ‘tip of the beanie’ with BIG THANKS to Marie Hanabusa, who SCORED EVERYONE the past 6 months at our Turkey Shoots! (And photographed everyone, too!)